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Rules, Terms and Conditions for GenealogyTree users (Beta Period):
GenealogyTree site is in its test period. Although not all buttons are functioning you are welcome to create your own family tree. It is free until new notice. We keep the right to stop, replace, move or delete any tree in the GenealogyTree server at any time without any notice. We hope all functions will be ready soon for worldwide users.

GenealogyTree functions as an approachable platform where everyone can create own tree for private use and/or invite or share it with family members and friends worldwide. GenealogyTree have not been involved however at the possible effective operations between Family Tree owners. The system is fullautomatic and for that reason we can't exercise absolutely control on quality, the security or the legality of Tree Owners/Tree Creators, the correctness of the names, the competence of names and objects in the Family Trees. Our services are only accessible for persons who to English right can close legally binding agreements.

GenealogyTree tries to bring users and their relatives to each other. GenealogyTree is however never party at an agreement which closed use of the site becomes between Family Tree Owners and their Family Members. As you have a dispute with one or several users you'll have to solve this by yourself. YOU protect GenealogyTree (and already its staff, managers and commission agents) of any progress, compensate damages and such, link concerning with such disputes.

References to Internet sites or services of third parties: The site contains references (for example by means of a hyperlink, banner or button) to the Internet sites of third parties. GenealogyTree has none control or influence on the contents and the policy of these Internet sites. On these Internet sites you fall under (privacy) the rules of that concerning site. If you use the services of external service providers, as at example deal Triple, then your use falls of it under (privacy) rules of the service provider concerned. GenealogyTree has not whatever control or influence on the service and it has policy of these service providers.

Use of (contents of) the Internet site of GenealogyTree: It has not been permitted you the Internet site of GenealogyTree or only contents of it to use, among which understands it in an only manner for the arrangement put to third parties and/or multiplying of (the contents of) the Internet site, differently than in accordance with the aim of the Internet site. This keeps also among others that you have not been permitted, without written preceding authorization of GenealogyTree, a substantial part of the contents of the database (and) to ask and reuse and/or not-substantial parts of the contents of the database (and) repeated and systematically to ask and reuse in the sense of the database law.

TIP: You can use your own language as well (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew...) as long as your computer supports it you will be able to read it, but we suggest that you will have English as well. The system is English but you can write your name and your family details in your own language.

Note: The program is in a test period and for this reason we can't guarantee that all pages and buttons will function 100% as we wish. We hope that you will enjoy it and give us a feedback and suggestion for a better performance.

For any other assistant please contact us.

Enjoy our Genealogy Tree.
Welcome to Genealogytree. Building your own family tree on-line is simple and easy with Genealogytree. Enter your ancestor information just once to search family trees. Invite family members to continue their tree or share your tree with family members and friends. Our service creates the best family tree searches based on your ancestry. It is very modern with possibilities to ad and edit partner, wife, husband, hetero or gay, ad image of each person, choose your country with the original name before country name changed, ad name of kids from earlier marriage and many more possibilities.
It is a good idea for all ages ! You will be surprised how quick your tree can grow by inviting family members, you'll also discover many new relatives through the trees you invited. Give it a try, it is free until new notice !!
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