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To start your own tree please register first, try to choose your name as a user name, it will be better for the invitation reason, then while inviting a family member through the tree the receiver will get an e-mail direct from our server with your name as the invitor. The receiver will recognise you and will accept the e-mail

While getting an e-mail with your user name and password you can go further with your tree. If you got an invitation from a family member then the meaning is that you can continue the tree in the screen that this person thought will be the position that you can continue.

The inviting person can choose to invite a family member with 3 levels, EDITOR, CONTRIBUTOR or VISITOR, which will give the invited person the possibility to login and see the tree and add new members which can be also edited or login and add new members and edit all members, depends on the invitation level you got.
EDITOR : the invited person will be able to go through all the members and edit them (also those names which the inviting person added to the tree)
CONTRIBUTOR: the invited person will be able to go through the tree and add new members and editing only those new members. The invited person in this case will not be able to edit names that are already placed by the inviting person.
VISITOR: the invited visitor will be able only to view the tree and click on names to surf the tree but not to add any name and not to change any detail.

To add or edit a name click on the text Add Father, Add Mother, etc.., right to the icon or , NOT ON THE LITTLE TREE icon, there you will be able to add your name, birthday, image, etc...

To see the tree of any person CLICK ON THE LITTLE TREE icon on the right of the name text (so not on the text) of the specific person. By clicking the TREE Icon of any person it will bring his position to the left side and the background colour of this person will be dark green, then you can add to this person a partner, wife, husband, child, other wife, child from other wife, etc...

To edit a name and details of each person click on the NAME TEXT (NOT on the Little Tree Icon ), then you will get the person's card there you can change and add details. Note: if you get the person's card but can't edit it then you got an invitation from a family member without EDIT option. You will be able to add new names and edit only those new names or you can ask the inviting person to invite you again to another e-mail address with EDITOR option.
NOTE: The system will not accept a second invitation to same e-mail address.

While tree has your name on the left side in the dark green label then you'll see under your name the partner/wife/husband and kids or possibility to add them in the future if you are single. In this case you will see all your family (your father, your mother, your sibling- brothers and sisters) in that tree. If you have a partner/wife/husband and you want to add or edit the family members of your partner/wife/husband then you have to click on the little tree icon of your partner who is 1 label under your name. While clicking on this tree the partner change position and take the upper location above and label become dark green. In this way you can do with any family member. NOTE: if you get the person's card but can't edit it then you got an invitation from a family member with CONTRIBUTION option. You will be able to add new names and edit only those new names or you can ask the inviting person to invite you again with EDITOR option to another e-mail address of you.

If you want to add brothers and sisters to this person click then first on the TREE Icon of one of the parents, then the parents will change location to the left while the label of one of the parents will be dark green, then add the children, which are the brothers and/or sisters of the person which we wanted to add sisters and brothers to.
SIBLING is the button to see the brothers of sisters of the person on the left side of the tree, labled with dark green background . To add sibling (brother or sister) click on the fathers or mothers TREE icon of that person and while 1 of the parents is in the dark lable on the left of the tree then +Add Child.
Important to choose sex (Male or Female) while adding child.

To invite a family member from your tree to continue her/his tree click on the NAME text first, then you will get the details ticket of this person. Above this ticket you will see 3 options: ( Family Tree, Home Person, Invite Member ) . Click then on INVITE MEMBER and you will get an invitation screen where you have to write the name of the person you want to invite and the e-mail of this person, then choose between EDITOR, CONTRIBUTOR or VISITOR. (which will give the invited person the possibility to Add/Edit names or Not) and click SUBMIT. The invited person will get an e-mail with User Name and Password with a direct link to the tree with her/his name on the left side, so that this person will be able to continue the family tree.

TIP: You can use your own language as well (Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew...) as long as your computer supports it you will be able to read it, but we suggest that you will have English as well. The system is English but you can write your name and your family details in your own language.

TIP: Don't write names with special signs,as: ' or " in the names. If you get an error in the pages you then have to check that the names don't have those signs, just click on a name of a family member and remove those signs then click on update to save the change.

TIP: Remember to choose Male or Female while adding a new child, because while not doing it in later stage it can cause dificulties with changes. This choice of Male - Female is only by adding child, because while you edit Father or Mother it was set up to Male and Female by default.

TIP: To get your sisters or brothers in the right following order (older up in the children list and younger down in the list) please enter the birth date of each person and the genealogy system will bring them in the list in the right order. If you don't know the exact date but you still know the following order of who is younger and who is older just write numbers, as: 00/00/0001 for the older child and go on with higher numbers for the next children, as: 00/00/0002 and higher number for younger child. If you have a case of twins, you can use the same idea, give the first born of the twin the correct birth date (if it is known) and follow the next twin/s and add the date by keeping the same month and year and just increase the day by 1 higher number to next born. For example: first born twin 10/12/2000 and second will be 11/12/2000 and so on...

TIP: If you have a special case of marriage within the family (relatives who marry each other) and their name is already in the tree we can take care for the link back to this member, so that it will be connected to her/his known details. We will be also able to connect between 2 existed trees. Just contact us by e-mail and we will communicate and make it as you wish.

We will appreciate it very much if you will add our site to your favorites or reccomend our site to friends and relatives worldwide. You can always invite a family member to continue your tree or just to view your tree. We are interested to have as many users as possible.

Note: The program is in a test period and for this reason we can't guarantee that all pages and buttons will function 100% as we wish. We hope that you will enjoy it and give us a feedback and suggestion for a better performance.

For any other assistant please contact us.

Enjoy our Genealogy Tree.
Welcome to Genealogytree. Building your own family tree on-line is simple and easy with Genealogytree. Enter your ancestor information just once to search family trees. Invite family members to continue their tree or share your tree with family members and friends. Our service creates the best family tree searches based on your ancestry. It is very modern with possibilities to ad and edit partner, wife, husband, hetero or gay, ad image of each person, choose your country with the original name before country name changed, ad name of kids from earlier marriage and many more possibilities.
It is a good idea for all ages ! You will be surprised how quick your tree can grow by inviting family members, you'll also discover many new relatives through the trees you invited. Give it a try, it is free until new notice !!
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